Room Type

Room Type Price Weekday Promotion【Mon-Thu、Sun】 Holiday Promotion【Fri、Sat】
Stadard Double Room NT$4,600 NT$2,500 NT$3,200
Classic Double Room NT$5,600 NT$2,800 NT$3,520
Superior Double Room NT$6,300 NT$3,500 NT$3,850
Deluxe Double Room NT$8,600 NT$4,300 NT$4,800
Deluxe Triple Room NT$9,600 NT$3,990 NT$4,990
Luxury Double Room NT$10,800 NT$4,990 NT$6,000
Standard Quadruple Room NT$10,800 NT$4,500 NT$5,500
Deluxe Quadruple Room NT$12,000 NT$6,500 NT$7,500
VIP Double Room
Starry sky/Double poolEach one
NT$8,600 NT$3,850 NT$4,300

Room Service

  • An independent hot spring
  • With toiletries
  • With an icebox
  • With mineral water
  • With internet access
  • With a LCD TV
  • With a hot water bottle
  • With tea bags


  • Two buffet breakfast〈Time: AM 7:30-AM 10:30〉
  • Public hot spring once
  • Free parking〈Time: PM 3:00-At the next day 12:00 noon〉


  • Weekday Promotion:Mon-、Thu;Holiday Promotion:Fri、Sat
  • Two persons per room (Four persons in family room), NT$1,000 per person/one day〈Standard double room is not applicable〉.
  • Free public hot spring to provide accommodation once per person and limited use during the accommodation, in case of non-open time will not be extended to other day use 〈such as equipment maintenance or typhoon period〉 the relevant provisions in accordance with the on-site announcement shall prevail or contact the counter personnel.
  • Check IN:Weekday PM 6:00,Holiday PM 8:00
  • Check OUT:Before the next day 12:00 noon
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.